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Medicinal Honey.

The highest grade raw infused honey with anti-inflammatory actions that can help ease pain and inflammation.

Born in Maine

Our high potency, small batch products are lovingly foraged and hand-made in Maine with honest intentions.

Holistic + Healing Energy

Our resident homeopath mixes our organic botanicals based in CCM's Five Elements in nature: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Made with Love + Respect

Our responsible business practices respect the environment and ensure that our products are 100% real, 100% pure and 100% healthy.


Abundance Qi Energy Honey - Honeyopathy

金 pain relieving · antispasmodic · anti-anxiety

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Raw Infused Honey - Bliss Qi

火 lowers blood pressure + cholesterol · promotes weight loss + liver health

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木 reduces oxidative stress · protect against muscle damage · anti-obesity

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Totally medicinal but beyond taste-worthy--I take a teaspoon for my tea in the morning and a teaspoon full before bed to help with sleep. Best of all, added to my cocktail provides a taste depth that can't be duplicated. The honey has a richness in color, scent and taste that's incredible!
- Linda B.

Qi (pronounced 'chee') is your Life Force

According to Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), everything in the universe is comprised of a balance between two energies: Yin and Yang. They are sometimes seen as opposite but they exist because of one another and when in sync, provide balanced energy flow.

That energy or 'Qi' flows through our bodies along channels (or "meridians") similar to blood vessels. Maintaining a health flow of Qi helps the Yin and Yang energy balance and thus promotes good health.

Find your Chinese element based on your personality and consistution.

Meet our Homeopath

Stagnation is the root of all disease. Moving Qi is the key to vitality.



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