Spiritual Pollination Bronze Honey Bee Necklace

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One-of-a-kind honey bee crystal necklace from The Bronze Bee, a woman-owned business and independent artisan. Every hand-made piece is timeless honoring the honey beesymbolizing unity, strength, determination, elegance, hard-work and devotion.

This pieces is a beautiful faceted round cut Labradorite with a silky golden rainbow flash. It hangs from a honey bee adorned with a Rainbow Moonstone and Honeyopathy encircled hive comb detailed bail. The chain is 18" but can be extended to 20". The a design is formed in a thick & antiqued layer of pure copper.

The Labradorite crystal is known as “the stone of mysticism” and has its relationships to the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. Labradorite stones are as mystical as its iridescent, changing colors suggest.

Its spiritual healing properties promote creativity, connection and higher consciousness and its bounty of shimmering colors illuminate their connection with all the elements. Labradorite heals negativity and helps us in our transformation as it stimulates the throat chakra. 

The Rainbow Moonstone brings balance, harmony and hope and is known for its soothing energy and ability to restore balance. Wearing this stone is like harnessing the energy of a rainbow because of the hope, optimism and connection to humanity it brings.

  • Supporting a women-owned artisan and diversity and inclusion
  • Indie-stylin' 
  • Channeling nature's most potent bee spiritual energy source 
  • Connecting with nature's elements for spiritual growth and awareness

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We are carbon neutral. We’re striving to protect our environment and the survival of honeybees through our operations and business practices.

Pendant Length:
3 1/2 inches
Chain Length:
18" with Extender to 20"
Chain Metal: 
Pure Copper


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