Bee-BASED Wellness


Find Balance in Nature through Classical Chinese medicine (CCM)

Honeyopathy's unique combination of the finest bee-based ingredients creates a range of ‘Qi’coctions based in the practices of Chinese medicine’s 5 elements in nature to energize each individual’s Qi (pronounced "chee") and spiritual connection.

The 5 elements are within nature and within us. They are connected in harmony when we feel balanced.

Concentrated in raw honey, beeswax and pollen, our organic botanicals and gemstone energy is blended to energize your Qi or life force to achieve an optimal well-being and consciousness.

Peruse the 5 elements of nature:
Wood 木, Fire 火, Earth 土, Metal 金 and Water 水.

Our spiritual jottings.

5 elements of nature in Chinese medicine

Our connection with humanity is earthly and soulful—not sedated.

Our bee-based products are mixed with a homeopathic blend of botanicals that relax the mind and body whilst enlivening your spiritual energy.

Meet our ingredients.

Our wellness research.


“Honeyopathy has found the solution I didn’t even know I was looking for.”

– Scott –
Self Ascribed 'Foodie'

"I felt a feeing of balance while my taste buds and senses were enlivened."

– Ashley –
Spirits Enthusiast

"It was strong enough to mix yet I loved it on its own, too. It tastes amazing—like nothing I've had before."

– Matt –
Wellness 'Freak'

"I'm drawn to Honeyopathy for the spiritual wellness it provides me—I feel good about sustaining bees and supporting our humanity."

– Linda –
Wellness Crusader

Honeyopathy is on a spiritual journey. Join us.

Our ingredients are lovingly sourced from honeybees and we are invested in their survival. We contribute 6% of revenues to the research and education of sustainable beekeeping.

Our products elicit a feeling of balance, grounding and belonging and a return us to our natural state of divine being. We cherish nature and take small steps every day to harness its energy for the greater good.




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