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Honeyopathy was founded with the vision to bring a holistic balance, health and well-being to humans while respecting and protecting bees, and our planet. 

Honeyopathy provides holistic wellness-focused products derived from ethically sourced bee-based ingredients, botanicals and gemstone energy that align with the five elements of nature in Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM). Our approach uses homeopathy to create a holistic feeling of balance and greater health and wellbeing. We do this with a respect for nature, our place in it and a dedication to give back.

To embrace and respect the power of bees and honey.
To harnessing the potent lineage of plant energy to sustainably create meaningful products and experiences that captivate our consciousness of spirit and instill a sense of balance — uplifting us all to be at one with nature, humanity and live with a higher purpose.


  • Dr. Krystal Couture

    Chief Product Officer + Homeopath

    Dr. Krystal Couture has a holistic medicinal practice in acupuncture and homeopathy and lovingly cultivates botanicals on her farm in Portsmouth New Hampshire. As a maven of the garden with a lifetime’s experience developing tinctures, essential oils and remedies that help her clients achieve a more balanced and peaceful existence, she's also a collaborator who brings people from all walks of life and wellness worlds together.

  • Wendy Boucher


    Wendy Boucher, Founder and Chief Spiritual Pollinator at Honeyopathy, embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery to establish a business that encapsulates her true purpose in life. With a deep understanding of the emptiness and disconnection that can linger even after achieving traditional success, Wendy endeavored to create a brand that would bring balance and greater health and wellbeing to people's lives. As the visionary behind Honeyopathy, Wendy is passionate about utilizing ethically sourced bee-based ingredients, botanicals, and gemstone energy to produce holistic wellness-focused products that align with the five elements of nature in Classical Chinese Medicine. Drawing inspiration from Traditional Chinese Medicine's 5 Elements, Wendy meticulously crafts each product to support balance within each individual's unique nature, thereby kindling the essence of who we are and enabling us to connect with the natural world around us. With a profound respect for nature and our place in it, Wendy's dedication to giving back permeates every aspect of Honeyopathy. Through homeopathy, Honeyopathy strives to instill a holistic feeling of balance and greater health and wellbeing in individuals, fostering a sense of connectedness and harmony with the world. Wendy Boucher's unwavering commitment to creating a positive impact through Honeyopathy shines through every facet of the brand. With a synergy of ethically sourced ingredients, botanicals, gemstone energy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, Wendy is inspiring individuals to embrace their own nature, find their unique purpose, and experience a profound sense of optimism and fulfillment.


  • The Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary


    Spikenard's mission is to promote sustainable and biodynamic beekeeping through education, experience-based research and a honeybee sanctuary and to help restore the health and vitality of the honeybee worldwide.

  • The Bee Girl Organization


    The mission of The Bee Girl Organization is to educate and inspire communities to conserve bees, their flowers, and our countryside.




It's truly the bees knees! Recently placed an order with Honeyopathy, and won't be our last. These products are top-notch and beautifully packaged, making a perfect gift option as well. The taste is amazing, adding to our tea, toast and whatever else we can find. Highly recommend adding the packet options to your order, easy for tossing into your travel bags!!

Amy Radwanski

I love, love, love this hand sanitizer! Doesn't dry your hands out like other sanitizers and has a wonderful scent.

Linda Ryen

I just opened my Honeyopathy package. The experience of opening the package was a treat in itself and demonstrates the lvoe an care that goes into the product. I wished I had the honey last week when I had such a terrible cold. It's the smoothest and tastiest honey I have ever tried -- the 1st word that came to mind is 'elegant'. I can't stop sampling it!

Linda Bertone

Absolutely delicious honey and a perfect compliment to the Abundance loose leaf tea that I bought. I love that it has the CBD Hemp with no weird aftertaste.

Dana Quinn

I bought this to help with my sleeping, one spoonful in some tea and within the hour, I am out. Most times I sleep right through the night. Great stuff.

Peter Fixstel


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