Wood Qi Element 木

Bee-based wellness formulated by our homeopath, made for your liver.

Maintain healthy liver enzyme levels and metabolic health.

The Wood Element brings the sense of flexibility and symbolizes new birth or rebirth in Spring. In Chinese medicine, the yin organ associated with the wood element is the Liver, considered the Architect of our destiny and primary detox system, it filters toxins and blood. As a form of Detox for our bodies, the Wood element houses the Liver, which is the primary source of physical and energetic detoxification within our bodies. 

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Raw Infused Honey - Exuberance Qi 17oz Bormioli Rocco Swing Top Fido Canning Glass Jar

Exuberance Qi Energy Honey

A nourishing and homeopathic blend of ethically and locally sourced raw, unprocessed honey infused with HOPS + LEMON VERBENA. 木 IMMUNE SUPPORT + RADIANT SKIN + HORMONAL BALANCE

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Organic-Loose-Leaf-Herba-Tea-Exuberance-Qi - 12oz Steel Latch Top Tin

Exuberance Qi Energy Organic Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

A exuberance of healing power from BEE POLLEN, DAMIANA, DANDELION ROOT, NETTLE, HONEYBUSH + GRAPEFRUIT to support the Liver and Wood Element Qi flow. 木 IMMUNE SUPPORT + RADIANT SKIN + HORMONAL BALANCE

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Organic Essential Oil - Exuberance Qi 30ml Bottle

Exuberance Qi Energy Aromatherapy Organic Essential Oil

Providing light, warmth and purification in your Liver functioning with LEMON, LIME, GRAPEFRUIT, SAGE, + BERGAMOT 木 IMMUNE SUPPORT + RADIANT SKIN + HORMONAL BALANCE

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Hand Poured + Infused
100% Pure Scented Beeswax Candle - Exuberance | 8oz Candle with 7 hour burn time

Exuberance Qi Energy Pure Beeswax Candle

Aromatherapy in a 100% pure and ethically sourced beeswax candle infused with LEMON, GRAPEFRUIT, LIME, BERGAMOT, SAGE organic essential oils. 木 IMMUNE SUPPORT + RADIANT SKIN + HORMONAL BALANCE

Exuberance Qi Spirit - Honeyopathy

Exuberance Qi Spirit Infusion

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