Shop the Highest Grade Pure, Raw Honey

We love our bees. Why that matters.

We invest in small sustainable colonies that don't harm bees and therefore are raw and small batch. Real honey takes time, work and a whole lotta love to produce even a moderate amount because we leave enough for the bees to thrive. Our botanical infusions are intense with a 4:1 ratio of honey to botanical.

Our honey is the highest grade raw infused honey to support overall health and well-being including immunity, digestive health, energy, sleep and vitality. 

With over double the amount of honey, our infusions are highly concentrated and packaged sustainably in Bormioli Rocco Swing Top Fido Canning Glass Jars and biodegradable packets.

Not sure which honey is right for you? Click here to take the Chinese Element Quiz.

Answer a few questions about your personality and health disposition to find the right honey to support your Qi ('chee' or life force energy) based in Classical Chinese Medicine’s Five Elements in NatureFireEarthMetalWater and Wood.



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