Honeyopathy is a distilled and infused spirit harnessing the energy of raw honey, botanicals and gemstones through homeopathy to create the world's first holistic drink of its kind.

Our resident herbalist and homeopath, Krystal Couture has an innate connection with botanicals. She combines her knowledge of the medicinal and energetic properties of the botanicals to craft products that support us in achieving optimal health. 

Honeyopathy is a new category of spirits and bee-based products crafted for a more spiritual connection with ourselves and each other. Honeyopathy's energy helps you feel more balanced so that we can harness our connection to the earth and all its inhabitants.

Honeyopathy spirits are made through a unique process of maceration, copper pot distillation, and infusion of our honey, botanical elements and gemstone energy. 

Our botanicals are macerated in honey and base alcohol and distilled with gemstones along with botanicals that are steam distilled, which extracts essential oils from the botanicals by passing steam that’s been generated in a pot still through the ingredient. When this happens, small ‘pockets’ that hold the essential oils open to release the molecules without damaging them. In the final process, select botanicals are infused completing the aromatherapeutic and taste profiles of the five elements in Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM). The making takes several weeks and is a meditative experience with our products.

Our raw honey is sourced from Northern New England. Our premium organic botanicals and essential oils are sourced locally whenever possible or globally based on the natural environment of the plants.

Honeyopathy sources its ingredients and packages its products sustainably. It supports diversity and inclusion and donates 6% of revenues to research and educate sustainable honeybee practices that support its survival.

Your experience with Honeyopathy will be unique to you. Each of our five spirits carries virtues based on Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM). Water - Vitality Wood - Exuberance Fire - Bliss Earth - Harmony and Metal - Abundance. You may choose to intentionally consume a spirit based on these virtues. Your experience may be one that brings peace within or uplifting joy. You are just as much an ingredient as the honey and botanicals are! The ingredients in Honeyopathy’s spirits adapt to your body.

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We suggested Honeyopathy to be consumed straight up, on ice, mixed with tonic water or used as a base for your cocktails. Peruse our our favorite recipes and see the magic of our plant distillates come to life.

We currently do not ship internationally but we are actively working to expand our international shipping offering, so If we currently don’t ship to you, please send us a message to submit your shipping request and we’ll work to prioritize it.

We use Northern New England sourced honey, beeswax and pollen from amazing beekeepers that are committed to sustainability.

Our premium organic botanicals and gemstones are sourced locally whenever possible or globally based on the natural environment

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Our spirits are made with raw honey and is therefore not gluten free.

HAND SANITIZER - Over time, our hand sanitizer will become less effective but typically, the industry standard for when hand sanitizer expires is 2 to 3 years. This is when the percentage of active ingredients drops below 90 percent of the percentage stated on the label.

BEESWAX CANDLES - As long as the wick is intact, our beeswax candles will last for many years. Unlike soy wax or palm wax candles, beeswax candles DO NOT go rancid. Beeswax candles will 'bloom' over time which is an indication that they are pure beeswax.

ESSENTIAL OILS - Our essential oils are organic and 100% pure. As a results they will last as long as 15 years without losing their effectiveness.

LOOSE LEAF TEAS - Our organic blends of loose leaf tea will not expire as long as it is kept in its air tight containers.




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