No 9 Hibiscus


Commonly called Chinese hibiscus, Hibiscus is a frost tender evergreen that is probably native to tropical Asia and is a flowering plant in the Malvaceae family. Hibiscus is typically grown outdoors in frost-free climates like southern Florida in foundation plantings and hedges. In the north, they are often used as houseplants that can be moved outdoors in summer and back inside for winter. Flowers typically grow 4-6 inches across in shades of orange, yellow, red, pink, and multicolor with ruffled petals and and and eye of contrasting color.

Welcoming the floral grace of Hibiscus can bring many health benefits as it is full of nutrients and antioxidants and can help with everything from hypertension to reducing heart disease risks, weight loss and complete immune system health.

Hibiscus imparts a cranberry-like, sweet and slightly earthy flavor.
  • Bodily Effect: Hibiscus lowers blood pressure and boosts liver health.
  • Emotional Effect: Hibiscus has been used to combat anxiety and depression.
  • Spiritual Effect: Spiritually, Hibiscus this magical herb stimulates the first and second chakras which resonate with its strength to release blockages in the spine and lower back as well as healing several reproductive conditions.
Hibiscus is considered an aphrodisiac and the red flowers, in particular, are prized for their use in love spells.

"As the flower of passion, Hibiscus' magical properties include love, divination, and freedom."
—Dr. Krystal Couture, Homeopath + Plant Whisperer @drkrystalcouture


Wendy Boucher

Wendy Boucher is the Founder and Chief Pollinator of Honeyopathy. After spending 25+ years building brands in high tech B2B companies, she's transitioned into more meaningful work tapping into her love of honeybees and their survival. As an aspiring beekeeper herself, she is committed to building an ecosystem founded in humanity and the symbiotic relationship we have with bees through spiritual growth.

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