No 24 Butterfly Pea


Native to South East Asia, A perennial herbaceous plant from the Fabaceae family, Butterfly Pea has been consumed for centuries as a memory enhancer, brain booster, anti-stress and calmative agents and is noted for its bright blue edible flowers. It is also known to promote vitality and healthy aging. Full of antioxidants, including pro anthocyanidin (which supports skin collagen and elasticity) and anthocyanin (supports hair and eye health) it promotes the healthy life cycle of cells. 

The flower has beneficial anthocyanins (which provide the blue color) that include improving eyesight, promote hair growth, stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis in skin, acts as a nootropic to enhance cognitive functions, reducing stress, relieves pain, and promotes weight loss.

Transformation is also an energetic quality of this flower, being named a butterfly pea and a butterfly attractant, it is linked with the butterfly which has long been a symbol of the inner soul and deep transformation from within.

Butterfly pea imparts a woody and earthy flavor.
  • Bodily Effect: As a powerful nootropic, Butterfly Pea flower supports brain functions which include enhancing memory, cognitive thinking, depression, and anxiety.
  • Emotional Effect: Butterfly Pea has a positive impact on the central nervous system relaxing nerves and lifting moods.
  • Spiritual Effect: Spiritually Butterfly Pea has the power to aid and uplift to change anything you wish in your life.
Butterfly Pea is ruled by the planet Venus and connected to the element of water which brings the attributes of love, emotions, serenity and protection.

"The energetic quality of transformation is named for being a butterfly attractant which is a symbol of the inner soul and deep transformation from within."
—Dr. Krystal Couture, Homeopath + Plant Whisperer @drkrystalcouture



Wendy Boucher

Wendy Boucher is the Founder and Chief Pollinator of Honeyopathy. After spending 25+ years building brands in high tech B2B companies, she's transitioned into more meaningful work tapping into her love of honeybees and their survival. As an aspiring beekeeper herself, she is committed to building an ecosystem founded in humanity and the symbiotic relationship we have with bees through spiritual growth.

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