No 22 Lavender


The name Lavender comes from the Latin ‘lavando’ part of the verb, lavare, meaning “to wash” or “to bathe”.

Lavender belongs in the mint family and there are many species and varietals. True lavender is a native plant of the mountains of the Mediterranean region and English Lavenders are not native to England, but acquired the name due to its popularity in England during the Medieval and Renaissance periods.

Lavender imparts a floral, herbal and sweet flavor.
  • Bodily Effect: Lavender sends a calming message to the brain making it a natural sedative, relaxant and pain reliever.
  • Emotional Effect: Lavender’s scent alone can lift depression and ease stress and anxiety.
  • Spiritual Effect: Lavender is a true adaptogen, and a universally healing herb. As an adaptogen, lavender goes into your system and works where it is needed to help your mind, body, and spirit find balance.
As an emblem of love, Lavender is a lovely and potent choice to remove negative energy or pessimistic vibes.

"Long associated with love manifestations and intentions, Lavender's positive vibrations evoke peace and tranquility."
—Dr. Krystal Couture, Homeopath + Plant Whisperer @drkrystalcouture



Wendy Boucher

Wendy Boucher is the Founder and Chief Pollinator of Honeyopathy. After spending 25+ years building brands in high tech B2B companies, she's transitioned into more meaningful work tapping into her love of honeybees and their survival. As an aspiring beekeeper herself, she is committed to building an ecosystem founded in humanity and the symbiotic relationship we have with bees through spiritual growth.

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